My Story - In the quest to make it OUR STORY!

I come from a very humble background. I am the eldest of three brothers, true-blue, proud Singaporean, born, schooled, married and settled in the island country.

I have worked in various corporate jobs, but have always been passionate about real estate and property. Staying updated about the AustralAsia property market has now become my second nature. Coupled my knowledge with meticulous financial planning and I now own 7 properties in the region (Yes! I am fully compliant with the Singapore Government Laws)

I wanted to convert my passion into trade, not only to make a living for myself but also to help everyone like me to be able to invest in the right real-estate and provide for retirement in the most expensive city in the world.

Thus, I joined Propnex. Being part of the Propnex community which hosts the largest network of 7000 agents in Singapore, with a strong online presence and enhanced exposure via email, telemarketing, and text message, I am able to combine my interests and help you cash in on this bullish property market.

In this technological age, information is widely and easily available. People can buy and sell a property by themselves, why then there is a need to engage a real estate agent for the job? While access to information is one thing and making information work for you is another.

What is my value-add as an agent? Is it just to get the best offer price for your property on sale? Find the best-priced property to cater to your lifestyle needs and wants? Property investment can be capital intensive if not properly managed.

My value-add as an agent is to ensure this investment is worthwhile by making this “asset class” work harder for you and provide for you but more importantly I help manage risks by ensuring necessary monetary safeguards are in place to cater to life’s contingencies.

Hence addressing personalized questions like Why invest? What to invest? Where to invest? When to invest? Who should invest? How to invest? Is not always easy to sift the signal from the noise, why not use me as a sounding board before your next move.

Hi, I am Abraham Lim – Let’s connect, discuss and help you make your next real-estate investment for a secured future!

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