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Hi, I am Abraham - Let's Talk!!

I always wanted to convert my passion into trade, not only to make a living for myself but also to help everyone like me to be able to invest in the right real-estate and provide for retirement in the most expensive city in the world.

I can answer, sell and help upgrade your lifestyle and secure your future in Singapore!

  • How you can pay lower instalments despite owning 2 properties
  • How to save on ABSD cost
  • Financing strategies
  • What are the factors to consider if you are considering when to cash out on your property and restructure to owning a higher-yielding property?
  • How to restructure your current property portfolio to achieve higher yield and capital appreciation
  • How to create a Real Estate Savings Plan
  • How to embark on a "Save as you earn program" Create a contingency fund

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What are the top under-valued properties to invest now?

99 Year Leasehold Condominium

Freehold Condominium

Landed, Cluster & Strata Landed

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